Use the information provided below to learn more about visitors expected to attend the fair and the proportion of those visitors that are relevant to your offering.


Visitors expected to attend:

  • 400 in Arusha
  • 1000 in Nairobi
  • 600 in Mombasa
  • 900 in Dar Es Salaam


These visitors are expected to look for:

ISFA Visitor stats

ISFA Visitor Prefernces

Visitors are targeted by:

  • Billboards / Posters / Flyers
  • Cooperation with Educational Institutions
  • Internet
  • Invitations
  • Local / National Press
  • Television / Radio


Visiting Agents

Agents are expected to visit the fair, although no formal activities have been planned for participants to meet them.

Predicted visitor interest based on the previous ISFA Fair are as follows:

A bar chart showing the Subjects of Interest











*All figures are estimates provided from previous ISFA events. Individual exhibitors may experience different results as the data is based on the event as a whole.