Cultural Tour

This year, ISFA are including a cultural tour alongside their educational events. The cultural tour will take place between Kenya and  on the 29th September- 1st October 2018.

ISFA believe this cultural tour will be beneficial for both understanding and relating to other cultures, whilst acting as an excellent networking opportunity. This is also emphasised by the community experience included within the tour. Exhibitors have the chance to get to know fellow educators, networking and expanding their knowledge. This is a great opportunity to truly understand and relate to educators and students.

Dates and Details

The cultural tour will take place between 29th September and 1 October 2018.

This corresponds between the Nairobi Fair on the 28th-29th September 2018 and the Mombasa Fair on the 2nd October 2018.

Car transportation will be organised from the Nairobi Fair on the 30th September, after the evening reception, to the Cultural park, where exhibitors will be staying in 4 star accommodation for  one night.

Two cultural trips will take place, allowing exhibitors to explore African culture, expanding their knowledge.

Travel back to Nairobi will be organised on the 1st October, giving plenty of time for transportation arrangements to be made to the exhibitors’ next destination.

This cultural tour is catered for and organised for all exhibitors, preventing time, accommodation and transportation constraints to interfere with the acquisition of cultural knowledge that will be obtained on the tour.

It is the perfect way to expand and network, increasing understanding of African culture.

Furthermore, if you book both the cultural tour and full educational tour, ISFA are offering a 15% discount off the standard price. 

To book please contact us at or use our booking form

What is included

The cultural and networking Tour includes: Transportation to and from Nairobi, all meals included, accommodation in a 4 star hotel for one night and all cultural trips included.



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